Accounting Data Cleanup

Stop Wasting Time Manually Formatting PBCs

PDF to Excel Conversion

Do you have clients who can’t figure out how to export files to Excel?

Do you frequently receive PDF copies of general ledgers, fixed asset schedules, AR/AP aging schedules, bank statements, credit card statements, payroll summaries, or any other PBC?

Adobe’s PDF-to-Excel conversion feature often leaves you with even harder to work with Excel files, resulting in manual cleanup or data entry.

Flat Fee Consulting uses an array of technological tools to optimally convert work papers into a usable format.

Excel Data Cleanup

Are your clients still operating on archaic accounting systems that export Excel files with a cumbersome combination of merged fields and varying column widths?

Have you ever requested something from a client in Excel format, only to receive a PDF that was converted to Excel in Adobe?

Have you ever received a gigantic Excel file that, as you’re scrolling through rows of data, makes you think “there’s gotta be an easier way to do this…”?

PBCs like these often result in hours of manual data entry just to get the data into a usable format. At Flat Fee Consulting we utilize our technological tools and Excel experience to efficiently clean your data files.

Why Hire Flat Fee Consulting?

Your staff will love it. Your employees won’t have to spend hours cleaning client data then debating whether to eat the time or put the project over budget. They’ll be so happy they might even send you a Christmas card this year (or better yet, stick around for another busy season).

Your clients will love it. Your clients won’t have to keep fulfilling the same document requests over and over again, because we can help you make it work with whatever PBCs they provide.

You’ll love it. You can avoid those awkward conversations with your client on why they caused out-of-scope overages because of the PBCs your staff had to clean. You can also avoid writing off that time to salvage your project realization.

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