About the Firm

“How Much Will This Cost” is Never Answered With “It Depends”

Why “Flat Fee”?

I founded Flat Fee Consulting in 2022 after working at public accounting firms ranging from small boutique practices to Big 4 firms in the areas of forensic accounting and data analytics.

One constant across these and most CPA firms is that clients are billed based on hourly rates. Because of this, when clients or prospects ask how much an engagement will cost, the response is often “it depends” because of the difficulty in forecasting the number of hours it may take to perform the work. I decided it was time to do things my own way.

At Flat Fee Consulting, you’ll receive a proposal with a Flat Fee and a defined scope of work. By doing so, we 1) eliminate the administrative hassle of managing timesheets, hourly rates, and complicated billing processes, and 2) eliminate the need to pass those costs on to our clients.

Could we charge more for our services if we bill clients by the hour? Probably, but I’d rather agree to a fee that all parties are happy with and move on with doing the work to help our clients.

Rubik Yeriazarian

Why Forensic and Excel Consulting?

One of the skills that I’ve mastered in my career is the ability to efficiently handle large or messy sets of accounting and financial data and turning it into something that is more usable for clients.

If you’re looking for a forensic accountant*, that means you’re either already in litigation or are trying to figure out if you should be suing someone. What you need is someone to comb through your financial records and give you a work product that can clearly show you where the money is going. What you don’t need is an unpredictable bill from an accountant for coming to that conclusion.

Through my experience helping clients on forensic matters, I’ve worked with technological tools to help turn messy financial records into a more usable format. In doing so I’ve been able to help many audit and tax professionals save hours of time by with converting difficult to work with PBCs into more usable Excel formats.

*Although Rubik Yeriazarian is a CPA licensed in Texas, Flat Fee Consulting is not a CPA Firm

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