Excel Training

Excel Training by Accountants, for Accountants

Excel Training for CPE

One of the easiest ways to boost your Firm’s realization is by training your staff how to be more efficient in Excel.

Flat Fee Consulting teaches Excel solutions to real-world spreadsheet problems faced by accountants during busy season. Attendees receive sample workbooks containing ledgers and trial balance reports so that they can practice these Excel tips and tricks in a familiar setting during the training.

Our Excel training is great for interns or new hires who are still new to Excel, experienced staff who just need a refresher, administrative team members who are looking to increase their spreadsheet skills, or anyone who needs a few hours of CPE.

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Coming Soon: Excel Tips & Tricks Video Library

Do you ever find yourself staring at a spreadsheet and thinking “there’s gotta be an easier way to do this…”?

Instead of googling “how do I _____ in Excel?”, subscribe to our library of Excel Tips & Tricks, which contains short videos of solutions to common Excel problems for accountants.

So you say your firm has an “Excel whiz” that anyone emails whenever they face a data dilemma? Newflash: they’re tired of being the Excel helpdesk on top of all their billable work.

Subscribe to Flat Fee Consulting’s Excel Tips & Tricks Video Library to empower all of your team members to be more proficient in Excel.

Why Hire Flat Fee Consulting for Excel Training?

Your staff will love it. Keep your staff and seniors happy by teaching them how to cut out hours of boring, monotonous data tasks that can be done in minutes.

Your clients will love it. No more out of scope charges for clients because a staff spent 8 hours sifting through a 10,000 row ledger.

You’ll love it. Your staff are happy, your clients are happy, and you don’t have to write-down those out of scope charges your client isn’t going to pay. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing an Excel-lent Job.

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